You can't run from your own mind.

Fantasy meets mystery

A bizarre mission to travel into a dying king's nightmares forces a drifting veteran to confront his own trauma.

The first book in the Enderal trilogy, Dreams of the Dying is a slow-burning and haunting exploration of mental illness, morality, and the dark sides of humanity.

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Dreams of the Dying


Years after a harrowing war experience, ex-mercenary Jespar Dal’Varek has taken to drifting. It’s a lonely existence, but barring the occasional bout of melancholia, he has found the closest thing to peace a man like him deserves. Life is “all right.”

Or so he believes. Hoping to turn the page, Jespar accepts a mysterious invitation into the beautiful but dangerous archipelago of Kilay—and everything changes. Plagued by boiling social tensions and terrorism, the tropical empire is edging ever closer to civil war. Kilay’s merchant king is the only person able to prevent this catastrophe, but he has fallen into a preternatural coma—and it’s Jespar’s task to figure out what or who caused it. As the investigation takes him across the archipelago and into the king’s nightmares, unexpected events not only tie Jespar’s own life to the mystery but also unearth inner demons he believed to be exorcised long ago.

Battling old trauma while fighting for his life, his sanity, and the fate of Kilay, the line between dream and reality blurs until only one question remains: If your mind is the enemy, where do you run?

A slow-burning, riveting blend of fantasy, mystery, and psychological horror, Dreams of the Dying is a deep exploration of mental illness, morality, and the dark sides of humanity.

Dreams of the Dying is set in the universe of the award-winning indie RPG “Enderal,” but stands on its own. It doesn't require knowledge of the game to be read.

us shortlist adult fiction ip book award


Dreams of the Dying is available in three different formats Note: The book shots are digital mockups for illustrative purposes

Production issues might cause the novels to be unavailable or overpriced on your local Amazon marketplace, such as or If that is the case, consider Bookdepository or Bookshop as an alternative.

ebook cover


Neatly formatted ePub available at Amazon or via Kindle Unlimited, with Map of the Kilayan Archipelago.

ebook cover


5.500" x 8.500" perfect bound paperback, 726 pages, with map of the Kilayan Archipelago.

ebook cover

Hardcover with Appendix

5.500" x 8.500" jacketed hardback with printed and laminated case, map of the Kilayan Archipelago, 726 pages + 100 pages professionally illustrated appendix. *

ebook cover


Audible audiobook narrated by Ben Britton and Dave Fennoy, enhanced with a soundtrack composed by Marvin Kopp. Coming Soon

* The illustrated appendix contains the following chapters. (Contains very mild spoilers)

  • A short geographical overview of the Kilayan Archipelago
  • An essay on the history of the Archipelago and the Illumined World
  • A bestiary of the Archipelago's native creatures
  • Pencil sketches of the characters, as envisioned by another in-universe character
  • An overview of the seven Light-Born, the pantheon of the Illumined World
  • A Nehrimese tailor’s impressions of Kilayan fashion
  • A guide to Makehu, the language spoken by the Makehu people, designed by a professional linguist
  • The Great Umbra and the Resurrection of the World, the creation myth of the Makehu
  • To the Moon I Say Farewell, a poem by Jespar’s sister


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